Ablex DC Solar Water Feature Pump Kit

Product code: AB-SOLAR
  • Solar Water Feature Pump (Not a fountain pump)
  • Low Voltage and safe for use - Ready to go plug & play
  • Unlimited running of the pump
  • Perfect for running a small water feature
  • Runs on overcast days
  • This solar pump comes as a complete kit including aluminium cased solar panel with wall bracket, ground spike and low voltage transformer which will allow for unlimited running of the pump, even if the sun isn't shining.
  • This system is designed to be used in full, direct sun light when used with the supplied solar panel, the transformer then allows for use on cloudy days, or at night. 
  • This system is ideal for small water features where the lift is less than 30cm to gain maximum effect. 
  • Perfectly suited as a replacement pump or to create your own small water feature, this system is easy to install and comes with fixing screws. 
  • The pump will accept 9mm internal diameter flexible hose if warmed, or 12mm internal diameter. flexible hose if used with the hosetail supplied. 
  • Transformer included is for intended for Indoor use only and is supplied with 1.8m cable. 
  • Supplied with 1 year guarantee 
  • Water feature Solar pump Pump specification
  •  H.Max 0.48m 
  • Q.Max 290l/h 
  • Hose outlet: 10mm ext.dia 
  • DC 6v 120ma 
  • Cable length: 5m 
  • Solar Panel size: 20cm x 17cm (8 x 6 ) 
  • For your information:
  • H.Max = maximum height the pump will pump, no water is produced at this point. 
  • Q.Max = maximum flow of water the pump is capable of pump, with no lift or fittings. 
  • DC = Direct Current
Condition New