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Irish Fire Peat 120Kg

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Product Description

  • Needs to be stored in a dry place.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Ideal on its own or mixed with coal or logs.
  • On average same calorific value, per Kg burned, as wood.
  • The use of the Glenamaddy Fire Peat should be the same principal as normal wood logs, the fire should be started with kindling and once lit, the Peat sods can either be broken to smaller pieces or placed on the fire hole as you would with logs.

Technical Details

  • Genuine Traditional Irish Hand Cut Peat
  • Glenamaddy Fire Peat has low ash content and a low Sulphur Content
  • Clean, Easy to handle, Minimal Waste, No Sparks, Mixes well with other fuels
  • Natural product with no additives or binders of any type, these are Not machine produced briquettes
  • Glenamaddy Irish Peat gives off the magical aroma of Ireland and is ideal for burning in your fireplace, chimnea, fire pit etc
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