Ciano CF80 Aquarium Internal Filter - Flow of 380L/h PLAIN BOX


Product Information

  • Ciano CF80 Aquarium Internal Filter
  • Flow of 380L/h. Suitable for aquariums between 40-80L.
  • Includes spray bar. 3 stage filtration - mechanical biological and chemical
  • Motor: 200l/h
  • Dimensions: L 4.3 x W 6.2 x H 18.5. Colour: Black. Low energy consumption
  • Equipment Included:
  • 1 Spray Bar (For a uniform water distribution and increasing oxygenation);
  • 1 Dose Water clear "M" Ciano® (It keeps the water crystal clear, removes odors and prevents algae growth)
  • 1 Dose Foam "M" Ciano® (Retains particles and organic matter existing in the water).
  • 1 Installation Guide.
  • The filter is supplied with an extension piece if you wish to add additional cartridges (the filter is supplied with one Water Clear cartridge) 
  • Supplied in a plain box
  • Genuine Ciano Filter