Individual Slate Kitchen Dining Tapas Set


Product Information

  • Made to the finest standards, displayed on a blue state slab
  • Supplied with small Porcelain white bowl and spoon, large unique spoon, cute tumbler glass and a thick slab of blue slate for it all to be displayed on
  • Perfect and quirky gifts, arrives in stylish display box
  • A Natural Interiors Piece. slate has rubber buttons on the underside to avoid scratching.
  • Slate dimensions: L 15 cm x W 15 cm x D 2 cm.
  • *Unique spoon: L 12 cm x W 5 cm x D 6 cm. *Porcelain Bowl & Spoon: L 7.5cm x W7 cm x D 4.5 cm/ Spoon: L 9.5 cm x W 2 cm x D 1 cm. *Glass Tumbler: L5.5 cm x W 5.5 cm x D 8.5 cm.
  • Great addition to any tableware collection Tapas or not, even looks great just sat on the side for decorative purposes!