Interpet Nano Complete LED Light Unit to Fit Aquariums, 10 - 20 Litre

Product code: 51519

Product Description

This high performance Nano complete LED light unit is ideal for most nano and small aquariums. The universal clip attachment makes for easy and quick installation. Controlled via one touch sensitive switch, the inbuilt automatic sunrise feature minimises shock to your fish when turning on the light. This Nano LED is supplied with bright white 0.2w LEDs, these are designed to be efficient as well as create bright yet economical lighting from very low wattage. These bright white LEDs encourage lush plant growth and an attractive ripple effect.

Box Contains

1 x Nano Complete LED Light Unit to fit 10-20 litre aquariums

1 x instruction leaflet

  • High performance, reliable leds for lush plant growth
  • Inbuilt automatic sunrise feature
  • Universal clip attachment for easy installation
  • Ideal for most nano and small aquariums
  • For coldwater or tropical aquariums
Product Code 51519
Condition New