Interpet Nano Stat Heater for Aquariums, 25 W


Product Information

Product Description

Nano STAT aquarium heaters come complete with an inbuilt thermostat that automatically turns off the heating element when the aquarium water temperature reaches 25°c. This makes it ideal for maintaining a stable water temperature all year round, perfect for tropical fish and growing most tropical plants.

Safety Warning

This unit if for indoor use only – do not use outside. Do not use this unit if the cable or plug are damaged or appear to be malfunctioning. Do not use this unit if the plug gets wet. Dispose of responsibly following instructions from your local authority. Do not position so that it comes into long term contact with the aquarium base or sides as this could lead to damage to the aquarium.

  • Reliably keeps temperature at tropical 25°c
  • Compact design for flexible positioning
  • Safe and durable with run dry protections sensor
  • 25 watts for aquariums up to 25 litres (5.4 gallons)
  • Attach to the aquarium using the suckers provided