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Irish Fire Peat

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Irish Fire Peat or Burning Turf has been used as a source of Heating and Cooking fuel for thousands of years and is still used in many parts to this day. Our Irish Burning Peat is the traditional Irish hand cut variety. It is the Burning Peat or turves used for countless generation in Ireland. Our Fire Peat is not compressed Peat Briquets but the real thing Fire Peat is now burned as much for its fantastic aroma and unique calming flame as its heat generating power. 

Our Genuine Glenamaddy Irish Fire Peat is sourced exclusively from the Glenamaddy area of County Galway Eire by a small farmers co-opearative. It is then shipped by local hauliers into Liverpool, where it is distributed via courier to most of Europe under the Glenamaddy Irish Fire Peat co brand. 

The Burning peat or Turves sold via ourselves are cut, dried and stored in the traditional Irish way. They are not compressed briquettes or commercially sourced, rather hand cut Turves by local farmers. 

Our traditional Glenamaddy Irish burning turves are almost smokeless yet give off a fantastic peaty aroma, truly the scent of Ireland beloved by many expats and residents alike. 

Our fire peat is delivered to your door. Glenamaddy Irish Fire Peat is sold boxed into 3 convenient sizes, ideal for the home fire, stove or barbeque. We even have a sample or gift box size, ideal as the Christmas table present, a St. Patrick's day gift or even a display item in your home non-working hearth. 

Our Firepeat is sealed in breathable water proof woven sacks, each sack weights approx 15kg per pack. This means that when you take delivery of our Irish Fire Peat you can conveniently move and stack the product easily. Our Couriers will deliver to your door regardsless of the quantity you order. Your order will always be multiples of 15kg sacks for ease of movement and storage. 

Our Irish Fire Peat Stocks have now sold out. More due August 2018.