Mopani Wood 10-15 cm 3 Pieces

Product Information

  • Mopani Wood 10-15 cm 3 Pieces
  • Mopani wood is an attractive unique wood due to its largely contrasting tan and dark brown colour tones. 
  • Mopani wood does not float and will sink to the bottom of the aquarium, Mopani wood is ideal for attaching plants and low level growing moss.
  • Mopani wood releases natural tannins in the water which can slightly discolour your water but lowers your pH. The natural tannins are not harmful to your aquarium inhabitants but monitor your pH levels.To reduce the initial discolouring of your tank water you can soak the wood in a bucket of clean water for a couple of days prior to use.
  • 3 pieces of Mopani wood, each pieces measures between 10cm and 15 cm and will be carefully selected so an attractive combination of pieces are received.
  • Photos of examples, not exact pieces sent. 
  • These smaller sized pieces are ideal for smaller aquariums or add several pieces together to create a larger piece.